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One more example of how not to talk about rape

Third Ten Million Years

No one looks to Fox News contributors for sensitivity on issues of gender, sexual violence, or rape culture.

That’s a sad sentence, but it’s the case. The network has continually shown a lack of general awareness to many of the grave stories that come across the desk regarding sexual violence, rape culture, victim-blaming, shaming, and like issues. And yet, if we’re to make change on these massive problems, we must continue to recognize the failures.

So, the latest from Fox News, regarding the rape case unfolding in Maryville, Missouri, contributor Joseph DiBenedetto (a defense attorney) had the following comments:

There’s no denying that from the surface it appears to be some sort of cover-up. But when you look at the finer details, there are telltale signs of this girl actually lying. She is leaving her home at 1 a.m. in the morning and nobody forced her to drink. And what…

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