Let’s Talk About Rape (Part Two); or, There’s No Such Thing as Blurred Lines

Strap in, everyone, because look who’s back (and still raging)!!

Today, we’re going to talk about rape.  Specifically, we’re going to be talking about rape culture and how much I hate the song “Blurred Lines.”

By now, I’m sure everyone even remotely in the blogosphere has heard, read, or written pretty much everything there is to say about that heinous song, but I’m putting my $.02 in because it makes me really mad and blogging helps me relieve some of that overwhelming anger.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear right now: There is no such thing as a damn blurred line.

Either you have consent or you do not. Why don’t we take a look at what constitutes consent:

  1. Q. Hey, wanna do it/bang/have sex/keep going/get it on? (et al)
    A. Yes/Sure/Absolutely/Of course/Definitely/Totally/Hell yeah (et al)

Now let’s look at what does NOT constitute consent

  1. Silence
  2. Having had sex previously
  3. Being drunk
  4. Unconsciousness
  5. Coercion
  6. Any prior intimate activity
  7. Saying NO

If you’re trying to have sex with someone, and you get anything other than a (SOBER) voluntary, enthusiastic YES, then you do not have consent. THE END.

No, it does not matter if you’ve had sex with that person before. No, it does not matter if you were making out five minutes ago. No, it does not matter if they are passed out. No, it does not matter if you think you “know [they] want it.” No, it does not matter what that person is wearing. No, it does not matter how many sexual partners that person has had.


Can we figure that out already and stop perpetuating rape culture and victim blaming? It’s pretty easy not to be a rapist. All you have to do is NOT RAPE PEOPLE.

/end rant.