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On Humanism; or, I’m Tired of Being Angry All the Time

My head hurts from all of the sexism, misogyny, misunderstanding, misuse of feminism, etc etc etc that I have seen lately. I’m tired of being upset, offended, or angry all the time.

I’m tired of being afraid to be alone at night. I’m tired of being undervalued because I am a woman. I’m tired of hearing about women blamed for their own rapes. I’m tired of people trying to blame the patriarchy on women. I’m tired of hearing people say that women are the reason some men are violent. I’m tired of being told the way I dress is wrong. I’m tired of being expected to have children. I’m tired of being told what I can and cannot do with my own damn body. I’m tired of the sexual double standard. I’m tired of the men I know being called “pussies” if they- GASP- display emotion. I’m tired of MRAs complaining about feminism. I’m tired of feminism complaining about MRAs. I’m tired of being so dang tired of all of this.

We NEED to start fighting oppression EVERYWHERE. We NEED HUMANISM.

This is the simplest way I can think of to express the change we desperately need.

Men are not superior to women. Women are not superior to men.

Gender and anatomical sex are not necessarily the same thing.

Gender roles aren’t necessarily bad, but they are bad when we begin imposing them as The Only Way.

A woman can do what she wants with her life. A man can do what he wants with his life.

A woman should be free to walk alone at night. A man should not be feared just because he is a man.

Sexuality shaming against anyone is wrong.

Abuse against anyone is wrong.

Oppression against anyone is wrong.

We’re all people. I’m not superior to you; you aren’t superior to me.

NO ONE will be truly free until EVERYONE is truly free.


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