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Sweetbabycheezits; or, I Rage Too Much

I’ve blogged on and off in the past, mostly because I have too many thoughts and writing helps me sort through them. Lately, I’ve spent probably fifty percent of my time thinking about feminism, gender, society, etc (I spend the other fifty percent reading about those things (I’m exaggerating…a little)).

Ever since I was small, I’ve been an extremely opinionated (dramatic, emotional, over-the-top, precocious, passionate) person. Let me tell you what, I have a TON of opinions. Like, sweetbabycheezits, WAY too many opinions to fit in my head or figure out. Sometimes, I think I have an opinion, and then I think about it, and then it completely changes. Or if someone brings up a thought I’ve never considered, I am suddenly compelled to re-evaluate everything I’ve ever thought, ever. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to learn that the only way I can verify or evaluate my own opinions is through research, consideration, discussion, and hearing ideas that are different from my own. However, because I get so passionate about the way I think and feel, sometimes it’s hard for me to be logical about an idea/situation/person/thing until I’ve already raged about it (and often overreacted, in retrospect).

I’m hoping that this blog will give me a space to ramble my thoughts into some semblance of coherence so I can look through a more rational lens (and then my poor family and friends will no longer have to take the brunt of my rants on all things complex).

Here goes.


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